General Description

The Traders Snow is a traders version of the regular Snow, to achieve space for extra cargo it looses most of its guns and some of its crew, it can match the Traders Brig for speed and maneuverability but has a better armor on all sides and an additional 5 crew over it's lighter counterpart, and is generally the preferred choice of traders who want to maximize profits and are willing to risk losing a larger vessel to do so.


6x 12pd carronades on her weather deck is the total armament of the Traders Snow

Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Weather Deck 6 6pd 18pd


The Trader Snow is a Trader ship and as such lacks all but a basic armament intended only to be used to slow pursuing enemy with chain shot. As a Square sailed ship it reaches it's maximum speed when sailing windward. When tacking the snow is very slow and an easy target for lighter vessels.

When carrying particularly valuable goods it is recommended to travel with an armed escort of lighter vessels which can tie down attackers for long enough for the snow to escape with it's cargo.

Here is the Sailing Profile for the Trader's Snow. She handles just like the regular Snow; she'll do well sailing at a beam reach, but is fastest on a broad reach around point 135-150 and is also very forgiving about putting the wind too directly behind her. She does not fare very well sailing upwind, however.

How to get Crafting recipe 

You can get the crafting recipe by random drop through either crafting the Traders Brig or through breaking up Traders Snows

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