Patch 9.83

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What's new:

  • Boarding upgrade - Marines - no longer gives insta preparation. The speed of reaching 50 now depends on your marines %. 
  • Fixed bug artificially reducing the penetration for all guns if distance is above 200 meters


  • Live oak wood type now gives 7cm instead of 10
  • Teak wood type now gives 4cm instead of 5
  • Fir wood penalty is now -7 instead of -10
  • Armor values adjusted for all ships from Rattlesnake to Victory
  • Cannons and carronades penetration adjusted
  • Slight changes for mast hp and thickness - additional changes might be required
  • Grape damage adjusted - crew damage through stern somewhat improved.
  • Penetrating leaks under waterline take slightly more water

Patch 9.82

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What's new:

Fixed the bug that did not increase crew damage when shooting at top deck of the ship on the boarding crew focus.

Officers cannot close clan warehouse now (to avoid extremely painful mistakes)

Fixed bugs:

Grape bugs fixed. Grape damage now depend on planking state and distance

Grape now affects exit timers again

Fixed bug that did not allow exit from the contested port


Ramming leaks are disabled - we considered them unhistorical because ships collide above the waterline and by the time underwater parts hit most energy is lost due to water friction and bow destruction

Cannonball damage to crew slightly reduced

As a start of anti inflationary changes monetary rewards for port battles are now 1x

The ability of cannonballs to destroy cannons through stern is slightly reduced to include cannons that are destroyed but are still blocking the shots.

HP of masts rebalanced a bit. Approximate number of shots to destroy the mast based on the max possible caliber for that ship is 7 for the lower section 3 for mid section and 2 for upper section of the mast.

Chain damage increased significantly

Patch 9.81

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What's new:

We are continuing to search for the best survivability model that allows historical accuracy and gameplay fun. We started from somewhat historical parameters (maybe a bit exaggerated) and are now tuning them to get more fun out of them.

Multiple changes at once usually do not allow to make quick judgement of changes, thus in this hot fix we will only address ship of the line armor. 

Changes in effective planking width (cm)

  • HMS Victory  – from 100 to 80
  • Santisima – from 90 to 78
  • St Pavel – from 80 to 75
  • HMS Bellona – с 80 to 77
  • 3rd rate с 75 to 73
  • USS Constitution  75 to 70
  • Frigate armor have been buffed a bit (from 1 to 5cm across for most vessels)

Planking was also changed for the following vessels

  • USS Constitution –  5700 to 7000
  • Ingermanland - 6500 to 6300
  • Third Rate –  8000 to 7500 

Third rate cost of production was lowered by 10%

Bellona now allows 24lb on second deck

Tuning of gun parameters will happen next patch. Our goal is to allow ships of the line to fight comfortably at distances up to 300 meters. To do that we need to tune the armor and top deck gun penetrations in the way that wont affect frigate combat (which is believed to be a lot better than before 9.8). This has to be done gradually because if we buff  9lb and 12lb guns too much to help rates we will make frigates too weak against each other.

Port battle timers

Timers can now be set right after port capture (fixed the bug that only allowed to change it after maintenance).

The feature will work this way

  • During Contested status - timer can be reset unlimited number of times. 
  • After port changes status from Contested to Captured during maintenance - timers cannot be reset at all (only by next capturer)

Cannon loss and grape damage

Cannon damage and grape damage is moved closer to old damage model where you had to lower planking integrity to inflict more casualties on guns or crews. Because cannonballs pass inside the ship inflicting damage while they retain energy you will still get more damage done by raking through stern or bow.

Other changes

  • If clan creator deletes his character clan does not cease to exist - clan creator status will be transferred to one of the officers with the latest log in date.
  • Officers can now open and close clan warehouses
  • Ships of the line can now install cannons on stern (in addition to carronades)
  • In several countries with strict internet policies server list was not visible - this problem was fixed.

Fixed bugs:

  • OW Battle icon bugs were fixed
  • Auto connect to battles now works during the 120 second invulnerability timer. If nearby ships are attacked you will be pulled into a battle. You still won't be able to join already existing battles. This will fix the problem when your team mates are unable to join the battle initiated against you even if you exited the port or battle together at the same time.
  • Visualizations of ricochets and non-penetrating shots have been improved (to sync server and client visualization better).


  • Mission NPC spawn closer to players
  • Battle timer in small events and large events and duels is now 15 mins
  • Size of reinforcement circles is increased and their distance between each other lowered
  • Indiaman rudder HP bug fixed
  • Penetrating leaks water inflow reduced by approximately 30% to fix the fast insta-sinking
  • Ramming underwater hole size decreased which in turn reduced the crew requirement to fix them
  • Chain shot accuracy increased 10%
  • Kill threshold reduced 10x times from 55% of overall hp to 5% overall hp
  • Rudder penalties are now binary. White rudder indicator = 0 penalties, Yellow rudder indicator = 50% turning penalty. (previously 1pt damage to rudder already lowered it performance linearly, but it was not visualized anywhere)
  • Time to relogin to battle after crash or disconnect increased from 10 to 15 minutes

Patch 9.8

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What's new:      

Closing server PVP 3 EU mirror

  • PvP 3 EU Mirror will be closed down during patch deployment.
  • Player assets will be moved to accounts on PVP EU 1
  • Most assets and currency will be given to players as redeemables.
  • More information and details on the process are posted here

Damage model 5.0 

  • Penetration models were completely overhauled
  • All last remains of random factors and probabilities were cleared out of the code base to make damage purely skill based.
  • Cannons have penetration numbers based on historical data (very close to admiralty test tables)
  • Armor width is added to ship parameters and effective armor based on angle of hit is added as well.
  • Masts have received thickness (in addition to hp) - no more 1km demasting
  • Modifiers of wood types have changed
    • Fir = -10cm
    • Oak = standard
    • Teak = +5cm
    • Live oak = +10cm
  • Detailed description is in this topic

New damage system was extensively tested by our QA and us, but of course it still requires final tuning based on player feedback and results. Expect potential problems and unbalanced ships or gun types. 

New ships added

  • Player voted ship: Rattlesnake - sloop of war
  • Player voted ship: Chapman's Indiaman - combat trader

Changes in port battles 

  • There are 3 types of port battles now. To give frigates more intensive testing of the damage model and to give more options for frigate captains.
  • Shallow water ports - no changes
  • Medium depth port battles - Cerberus to Ingermanland/Constitution
  • Regional port battles - Cerberus to Santisima 
  • Defense timers cannot be changed by defenders after they were picked the first time. Choose them wisely.

Changes in battle entry, reinforcements, and capital waters 

  • Captains wont be able to enter battles immediately after log in, port exit or sitting in battle result screens. To do that the system of invis/invul has beend changed. After login or port exit or battle exit you will not be able attack or be attacked for 30 seconds. 120 sec invulnerability timer wont let you enter battles. This will completely solve hiding in battles issues. 
  • Positional reinforcements system has changed closer to the old method. Captains wont be able to position themselves ahead of the enemy. Captains can only reinforce battles from defined zones that will be visualized on the map. 
  • Capital water protection system changed. You can attack enemy ships in your capital waters. Not only that. That battle will be opened for 1.5 hours and reinforcements will be fully positional during the whole battle time. 

Other changes

  • Spyglass added to open world
  • Clan warehouse added to the game
  • Clan tag is now showing on the open world
  • Ports will sometimes purchase ships from players on the auctions
  • Fleet orders will now scale based on your group size
  • All orders after their start will be open for your nation for 2 mins to allow bigger engagements 
  • We are doing certain experiments for xp for travel for future exploration and other features
  • System allowing a much stronger side to exit battle has been reworked. We now take into account only starting battle rating difference situation at the start of the battle (previously it was dynamic). The rest works as before. If you were attacked by a weaker force - stronger side could deny battle and exit during first 2 mins (this is a legacy feature somewhat reducing the effect of trolling by light ships).
  • Exit timer is now going to reset if you are taking water. This will help in group battles where you always had to keep destroyed enemy tagged.
  • Mortar brig hits will now generate leaks under waterline if it penetrates
  • Teleport between outposts(docks) is now without cooldown
  • Teleport to capital (unstuck) is now possible only with the empty cargo hold 

Fixed bugs:

  • Certain CPU load optimization was implemented.
  • Fixed camera bugs on Essex
  • Fixed bug with time bonus on Steel Toolbox
  • Fixed main camera bugs on the Mortar Brig
  • Fixed reload bugs on Mortar brig
  • Fixed several lightning issues on Mortar brig
  • Fixed bugs causing distance problems on mixed decks
  • Several sound bugs fixed


  • Ingermanland и Constitution are now built on 2nd level shipyards (because they are 4th rates)
  • Ports will stop buying resources if NPC stock exceeds 25000 - further changes to economy will be done in the next patch
  • Broken rudder bug fixed (it was not giving enough penalties)
  • Repair kits are removed from loot
  • Minor changes in pricing of blueprints and ships were done to allow faster tuning and design changes 
  • Num Enter on keyboards can also send messages now
  • 2 important exploits were fixed thanks to the Captain qw569
  • Multiple headspinning bugs were introduced

Patch 9.73

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What's new:

Orders and Fleet orders now give XP to the whole group

Contract bug fixed - that forced players to sell to contracts lower than NPC prices

Invisibility and invulnerability timers unified - 30sec invis, 60 sec invul for all parties

Fixed bugs:

Spawns in lands chanced reduced

Mixed decks gunnery bugs fixed (carronades no longer affect long guns distance)

Prices fixed for several resource production buildings


Minor changes for guns and carronades. Reload slightly increased for lower class guns, damage reduced. 6 lb guns are most affected.

Ram leaks briefly reduced before further rebalances

Bots have lost the ability to equip best reload mods

Low ranked bots accuracy has been reduced.

Patch 9.72

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What's new:

Mortar brig blueprint added to the system

Fixed bugs:

Firezone aiming bug fixed (when you switched off decks it kept old deck aiming sectors)

Fixed bug which caused spawning on land in certain cases

Fixed bug with NPC trading prices showing incorrectly in store for resources that were not consumed or produced in ports

Trader spawns improved

Patch 9.71

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Fixed bugs:

Spawning in land will happen less after exiting orders/events from the OW.

UI bug hiding the mission entry button for large groups fixed

Several technical problems fixed


Ramming leaks bug increasing their size dramatically fixed - ramming leaks returned to the pre-patch level

Patch 9.7 - Land Sighted

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What's new:

Main and the most exciting feature: Land in battles We developed an amazing tech fully replicating open world land in battle instances. This will bring an extra dimension to combat visually and in gameplay (especially when fighting close to land). Expect multiple bugs with this feature including performance related issues. Very large battles close to land will most likely lower your FPS. To minimize the problem we suggest tweaking the settings.

Rules of engagement changes

  • Land in battles changed Rules of Engagement.
    • Players who are pulled into instance will spawn in exact positions form the open world.
    • If you have enemies ahead of you they will be ahead of you in battle.
    • Please be more careful when engaging enemies and avoid situation where you can spawn surrounded.
  • Lag

compensation visual circle is added. When you select a ship you will see a small circle around it. If you attack the enemy within that small circle your spawn positions are not guaranteed. If you want to guarantee exact position for spawns attack outside of that small circle.

  • The land in battles spawning has not been tested in large player base environment and we will need your feedback.

Reinforcements changes.

  • Reinforcements are now positional, but they always come a good distance away from the main engagement.
  • Because

spawns are now fully positional and you can place yourself very close to the enemy – ships now start the battles with guns unloaded (as it was some time before in early testing)

  • Important:

Port battles will continue to be played in separate instances (old system) until their full rework in the next content patches. Soften the ganking.

  • Ganking

is considered a main problem by a large portion of the community and needs to be lessened a bit. We are bringing back an old feature that was in game before the release. Initial attack does not have any limitations as before. But entering the battle cannot change the balance in battle for more than 1.5x BR difference. In this case if you got yourself into an even fight enemies close by will not be able to unbalance the battle. Of course if you see a large fleet on the horizon its still better to run.

  • Attacks in the protected areas are now prohibited by design (even on

NPCs) to avoid pulling your fleets into battles by hidden alts or by mistakes

  • We are aware of the counter-tag issues and ROE will be addressed eventually.

Mortar brig added

  • Historically

accurate mortar vessel has been added to the game. Its main purpose is to destroy land fortifications and stationary ships. It is not fully tuned gameplay wise and we expect you to provide a lot of feedback on the mortar brig gameplay and potential improvements.

  • Mortars are switched on by pressing K. Min fire distance is 1.5 km. Ball takes 30 seconds on average to reach the target.

Duel room added

  • If

you enter the duel room the combat will automatically start with another player waiting in the lobby if he has the same ship as you. In the future the threshold might be increased. Please provide feedback on the battle timers and exit timers in duels. PvE content

  • Large NPC fleets added to open world
  • Generated Epic events adjusted to your group size have been added to the open world (randomly placed)
  • Fleet orders added to mission list – allowing players to participate in group NPC battles
  • Fleet orders can be entered as a group
  • You can now take missions of every level (both fleet and single ship missions)
  • Important:

Combat NPC ships are now transferred to the admiralty after capture – admiralty immediately provides the compensation for the captured ship durability. But you cannot capture NPC ships any more. Other changes

  • You can now disable reload (by keeping the ability to fire) for

the whole broadside by pressing F5 - this will free up men if you don't plan to use that side of the ship in combat

  • Leak

system reworked. If you shoot at the right places when ship or waves are in the right heel or position you can sink the ship by just generating enough leaks.

  • Group

size has been increased to 12 people for the open world combat and events. Small and large battle events only accept groups up to 6 men to avoid un-balanced fights in the events.

  • All ships up to heavy frigates have been added to NPC stores.
  • Extra

notifications added for creating new characters and for deleting the outposts. Hopefully this will reduce the accidental deletion of outposts

  • Clan officers can change the clan descriptions and kick members from the clan.
  • When installing cannons you will see their effect on speed in the port ship description.
  • Known blueprints no longer drop for the crafter
  • Enable/Disable enemy communications option now works in instances
  • Ignore list now does not allow trade invite spam
  • Extra graphical options are added for land visual settings (to lessen the land effect in large battles close to the shores)
  • Disengage command now cost 45 preparation (works both ways)
  • Unprepared

ships start with 25 preparation when boarding begins (you are in battle and are somewhat prepared to boarding fight anyway)

  • Price

movements are disabled for NPCs - producing ports make and sell goods at one price, purchasing ports buy goods at one price to fix several minor bugs allowing random high income in several cases. 

  • NPC resource consumption increased for several goods
  • NPC purchase price bonuses removed
  • Bot behavior bugs fixed before major overhaul in the future - no work on bots will be done for 1-2 months
  • Penetration systems slightly improved
  • Hammocks bonuses increased

Fixed bugs:

  • Several redundant messages removed
  • Battle circle of death synchronization bug fixed
  • Ingermanland is now a proper 4th rate
  • Steel tool box now gives absolute bonus not % bonus
  • Several bugs for NPC behavior fixed
  • Several boarding visualization bugs fixed
  • Several repair time bugs fixed
  • Several graphical bugs fixed on Le Gros Ventre
  • FXAA can now be switched off forever (it was enabled every time you launched a client)
  • Several minor bugs with crew management fixed
  • Bot reload bugs fixed
  • Cutter positioning on water in the OW somewhat improved

Patch 9.68

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What's new

  • New ship added: Le Gros Ventre
  • New ship added: Ingermanland

Fixed bugs

  • Battle spawns fixed - joining ships no longer can spawn closer or even ahead of you if you are being attacked. 
  • AI marines fixed - they gave no bonuses to the AI ship causing easy wins in boarding


  • Crew requirements slightly reduced for frigates and higher
  • Cannon crew requirements slightly reduced as well
  • Light ship planking integrity increased for all vessels up to a brig
  • Surprise speed slightly increased
  • Frigate speed slightly increased

Patch 9.67

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What's new:

Flags updated for several countries

Reinforcements were disabled temporarily for rework

Captains no longer can enter battles from invisibility/invulnerability to avoid port hopping and hiding in battles for the purpose of ganking

Fixed bugs:

Boarding parties upgrade bug fixed

Unsynced gun sounds for several ships fixed

Several typos in gun tooltips fixed

Patch 9.66

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What's new:

  • Certain FPS Improvements were achieved (if you still have low fps in the OW switch to medium settings and increase level of detail to high - it will give a good boost while keeping visuals on good level)
  • Ship turning was reworked due to a lot of graphical and physx artifacts - ship turning returned to 9.64 state (but on new physx)
  • Lower sail HP now does not reduce crew requirement for sailing (as happened before)
  • Sailing crew is now affected only if masts fall down

Fixed bugs:

  • Extra bow heel now fixed on several vessels 
  • Several technical problems fixed


  • Bug causing fast leaks repairs now fixed
  • HMS Bellona visuals slightly improved
  • Cannon mass changed to historical weights
  • NPC Resource production reduced by 20%
  • NPC Resource consumption increased by 2x to provide more trading opportunities
  • Production buildings labor hour requirements normalized at 150LH per 3 days of production
  • ​Player production levels changed (mostly increased for all resources)
  • Upgraded production buildings now give more LH discount (increase from 10% to 20%)
  • Boarding crew requirement to achieve 100 preparation lowered from 80% of crew to 50% of crew
  • Boarding crew focus priority now equals sailing and gunnery - it will be more evenly distributed if all crew focuses are switched on
  • Third rate turn rates slightly reduced
  • Cerberus turn rate slightly increased 
  • Keep in mind that turning/accel/decel changes will continue to happen over the next month as we are not fully satisfied with them

Patch 9.65

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Trading and crafting

  • Niagara Blueprint added to the game
  • Crafting notes were renamed to High Grade Notes
  • New crafting note types added to the game: low grade notes, mid

grade notes. New notes are made by paying copper or silver coins to the researchers (imaginary researches)

  • BP is renamed to Blueprint
  • Resource store interface reworked
  • Resource production buildings added – buildings can be built only in national towns
  • Ship construction building added – shipyard – shipyards can be built in all towns which you can enter
  • NPC production will stay on its current level and will be gradually decreased over time to fully player dependent economy
  • Blueprint learning chance now depends on the quality of the ship you are making
  • Better upgrades now can be made by using mid grade crafting notes
  • Compass wood requirements  in ship construction are changed (more wood needed)

ROE and attack mechanics

  • Battle over timer now lets you stay in battle for only 5 minutes

(to solve the pre maintenance port battle bugs that did not transfer the port to the winner if someone stayed in the battle)

  • Battle entry timers reduced to 2 minutes. This is a very important

change - you will be able to pick the place of attack better and if you don't see enemy sails on the horizon you will be safer

  • Invulnerability timer does not let you enter battles anymore

XP rewards and statistics

  • Additional trackers are added in battle UI for better debug
  • PVP XP for kill and assist are increased 50%
  • Reward manager was reworked completely and now allows better slicing

and dicing of damage and crits allowing better and more detailed rewards and achievements in battles.

  • Kill and Assists now grant monetary rewards which are doubled in PVP
  • Traders now give full loot if they carried any – previously because

of the bug if you captured a trader it did not award full loot.

  • NPC Traders now can carry national resources

Port battles

  • Shallow water port towers now carry 12lb guns
  • Assault flag now weights 100 to not allow yachts and cutters to be a flag carrier


  • Niagara is now a better ship
  • Crew management completely reworked – remember that it is an early

version and it will be improved based on the community feedback.

  • Sail repairs now repairs masts (if you did not have broken masts

before). Previousl if you repaired sails it did not recover masts HP if you had them damaged but not destroyed.

  • Camera bugs are fixed on Snow, Pavel, Pickle and Renommee.
  • Friendly derelicts now cannot catch fire from friendly damage
  • Exit timer now resets if the ship is on fire
  • Fast explosions on snow – fixed
  • In battle physics completely reworked and we now have better

integration of Physx in game. It solved the collisions issues (and flipping) almost completely

  • Ship heel from damage eliminated – it was unhistorical and extremely annoying.
  • Sail furling and yard turning speed curves updated and should be more realistic now – falling first gradually then suddenly.
  • Crucial bug with cannon influence on speeds fixed (some ships UI

speed indicated previously did not take the cannon weight into account).

  • Ships now cannot turn with 0 speed – this is extremely important and potentially game changing
  • Frigates are now less comfortable sailers in very narrow angles to wind
  • Bots stopped shooting chain temporarily
  • Fires now do more damage
  • Fires now are extinguished 10% slower

Boarding changes

  • Marines now work differently. They are not part of the crew

anymore and affect your performance depending on their number. Marine upgrade now determines which % of your crew is allocated to marines. This is done in preparation for crew and officer hiring.

  • Fixed bug with incorrect musket counts in certain rare cases
  • Brace now costs 5 preparation
  • Preparation per round growth is increased by 5
  • Certain formulas are reworked for boarding and if you have decisive advantange it will be easier to win during assaults.
  • Boarding now requires 50 preparation to initiate
  • Boarding pulling is improved and will suffer less random interruptions.
  • Expect other significant changes to boarding in the next 1-2 patches

Other fixes

  • Maintenance time moved 2 hours earlier required some heroic sacrifices from our QA J
  • Some graphical assets were improved for the open world. Some players

might not like them but changes were needed in preparation for land in battles. To enable better variety of trees enable Render Decorators function in options

  • Family sharing is now impossible
  • Ship report letter is taken out from loot
  • Battle sail mistakes fixed for Niagara
  • Victory model upgraded
  • More than 100 other minor bugs and problems fixed thanks to your report
  • Several rare exploits were fixed and closed thanks to qw569 research

Potential problems

  • With better physx integration possible bugs could happen –

including visual problems with turning and heel to bow on certain ship models.

  • Some NPC bots became dumber – we are working on it
  • Several other marvelous bugs are probably introduced

Patch 9.64

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Due to XP rework the deployment will take longer and maintenance will start at 11-30am kiev time.

We think it is a last minor patch before new content starts getting in. 

What's new:

New account XP system

Old system had a lot of problems and confusion. It did not give enough flexibility and it created a huge burden of work for the dev team with the tornado of tickets. 

New system is elegant and solves the majority of player problems and questions letting us focus on development more.

Rules of the system

  • Rank, Craft level and Labor hours are synchronized on steam account (learnt blueprints are not)
  • Steam account sync is independent of the player name 
  • You can have different nations on different servers
  • You can have different names on different servers
  • In summary you can delete a player and create another one with another name keeping XP

We know some players will say it can lead to this and that but we are not worried. It solves a lot more problems than it creates. In the future it might change but right now it is the best choice.

New small battles/large battle timers

A lot of players had problems when both sided did not want to lose the ship in events. Causing long waits for both sides for no reason.

  • Small and large battles have received battle and exit timers. This will allow players to exit the battle if both sides do not want to fight and do not want to wait for 1.5 hours until the end.
  • Battle timer is 30 mins
  • Exit timer is 2 mins 
  • You still cannot exit during first 30 mins. But if the battle is not resolved during that time after that you can exit the event using the exit timer rules from the open world.

Other fixes

  • Port battles with no damage bug fixed
  • A lot of players were trolling others by destroying friendly derelicts. You cannot destroy the friendly derelicts any more. 
  • Damage calculations are more optimized in large battles. 
  • Battle exit logic is improved and several bugs fixed
  • Ship no longer dissapears when sank enemy exits the battle
  • Mission rewards fixed - missions now give fixed 5000 gold: favoring young players and giving no advantage for higher levels who have other options to make money
  • 4th rates and higher vessels repair prices increased 50%
  • Assault flags prices upper price level increased
  • Compass wood supply tuned
  • Carriages production levels decreased
  • Small events no longer feature bots that are unavailable at open sea.
  • Certain server tech was replaced - server crash like yesterday will happen a lot less now.

Patch 9.6.31(hotfix)

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  1. Open sea repairs increased to 40% from 25% - we hated that you needed to click repair button 4 times after every battle
  2. Privateer speed increased by 0.5 knots
  3. Prices to sell ships to port for lower level ships increased (will help in crafting and provide more options in selling crafting ships that no-one buys from the market.
  4. Mission XP and monetary compensation increased
  5. Trading ships speed reduced by 1 knots for every vessel
  6. Gun loss chance increased 
  7. European traders now sell goods at slightly better prices
  8. Gold production increased 2x
  9. Fir production increased 3x
  10. Oak production increased 3x

Patch 9.63

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What's new:

  • Chat now tries to reconnect if you lost the connection to chat servers
  • Empty messages now do not affect spam filters
  • Attacking a friendly now has several warning windows to reduce accidental piracy acts
  • Missions can only be joined by your group members and enemies of your nation. We will continue to update Rules of engagements going forward affecting timers, reinforcements and battle pull.
  • Group invite will now notify if the player declined your request

Fixed bugs:

  • Rhea is now properly called Yard
  • Several synchronization bugs fixed in relation to ship and player states
  • Fixed bug with locking controls when connecting to chat
  • Fixed bug with locking controls when switching instances
  • Fixed stacking bug causing lost resources if the stack is bigger than 10000


  • Kill will be granted only if enemy ship is sufficiently damaged to sink her.
  • Kill XP now awards 80% of the battle rating to the person who delivered max damage (55% increase)
  • Assist XP now awards gives 50% of the ship battle rating. (25% increase)
  • PvP bonuses increased from 150% to 200% to promote more pvp activities.
  • Small battle events XP reduced by 50% to compensate significant increases in PvP XP
  • Friendly kill penalties increased 10x

Iron crisis fixes:

  • Iron ore now produces 2x more ingots (100% increase) - to not affect the prices of other items ore prices increased - price per ingot will stay the same.
  • Iron ore production increased 2x
  • Carriage blueprints now produce more carriages
    • Large - 2x increase
    • Medium - 3x increase
    • Small - 4x increase

These changes will dramatically reduce the iron/oak logs requirements in production of ships and other manufacturing goods.

Other fixes

Low and mid ranked bots have lost upgrades for speed and turning

Bots cannot disengage from boarding

Patch 9.62

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What's new:

  • Afk timers has been added to all servers. If the player is inactive in game for 30 mins he will be auto-kicked from the server.

Bug fixes

  • Tower target selection fixed. Towers in port battles now fire at targets even if they are partially blocked by other ships
  • Bot deceleration bug fixed – it will reduce the number of collisions between bots and players.
  • US server bugs with connections to instances fixed.


  • Niagara was a new ship and some mistakes sneaked in: as a result
    • Turn rate increased.
    • Planking increased and its class improved (it was too weak for its class)
    • The ship is still in testing and will be added to the game at a later stage.
    • Its BR is still high and will be adjusted next patch (br changes require more coding so it will be done next patch.)
  • NPC

Ships of the line can now carry heavier weaponry on the stern and bow, to provide better protection against stern camping. Players will get this ability next patch.

Patch 9.6.12(hotfix)

Steam Post

1. Full clone/Mirror of PvP one opened today.

To provide a partial solution to queues we have opened a new full copy of the PvP One server. 

Temporary name for the server: PvP 3 EU Mirror 

Rank, Gold, Ships and assets counted at 12am 26th Jan will be copied to the new server from PvP One server. Other servers were not affected. 

What this means:  If you don't like the queues on PvP one you can just relog to the new EU server and have all the assets you had on the 26th Jan. 

What it does not mean:  It will only be mirrored once. So if you continue playing on another server only rank will be synchronized as usual. If you acquire a lot of new assets after 26th they will only be present on the server where you acquired them. 

2. Fixes

  1. Server caps increased to 2200 simultaneous players 
  2. Carronades have been improved and their close range penetration increased (it was too low). 
  3. Cayo Romano, Gibraltar, and 2 bermuda port mission problems fixed. Ports mission representatives no longer give quests. In the future mission spawns will be improved and these ports will grant missions again. Right now you might need to find another port. 
  4. Several server optimization features implemented. 
  5. Number of unnecessary packets sent to players reduced. 
  6. Assist XP/Kill XP slightly increased. We are going to increase group xp even further once we close the loophole with the abnormal kill xp granted in one case that could be exploited.

Patch 9.6.11

Forum Post

  • Chat fixes - currently chat windows are disabled by default and

have limited size. New chat will hopefully be able to serve up to 2500 concurrent players in global and help. We found the problems causing it and rewrote the chat code over last 2 days.

  • Extra warning for player deletion - extra explanations added to the player deletion to stop players from making major mistakes.
  • Coal production expanded across the region
  • Iron production expanded across the region
  • Other minor fixes
  • Probably new bugs.

Patch 9.61

Forum Post

1. XP rework.

During sea trials we have provided relaxed xp. We are slowing down the speed progression by lowering kill and assist xp awards that provided significant abuse potential (allowing high kill xp in several cases especially on ensign ranks). The main source of XP is damage and crew kills. This also will make PvP progression 50% faster now because before kill and assist xp lowered that difference. We initially thought to award xp only on target death but decided to keep the way it was until we get more data and reports.

XP/Ranks are a work in progress. We will continue to review the rank thresholds constantly during the next month and will apply changes if needed.

2. Deliveries and risk

Deliveries eliminated all risk from hauling goods and killed privateering. To fix the problem we have done the following change:

Deliveries are now only possible from Freetown to Freetown. Captains will have to collect the goods from the nearby towns themselves. And if their crafting base is elsewhere they will have to bring the goods from the Freetown to their crafting location. Some players will of course switch production to freetowns. This feature will start working properly once production buildings and shipyards are implemented (that feature is currently leading in the player votes). In the future free towns will not allow construction of shipyards or will have high taxes.

To reduce the number of trading trips (but keep the potential risk) the hold for all trading ships has been increased 4x. This will stay until introduction of bigger trading vessels like Indiaman.

3. Port battles

Port battle xp rewards and monetary rewards were lowered to their normal state. Upper threshold for prices of assault flags have been reduced 3x. Most expensive flag now costs 300k.

4. Player accounts

Based on the community voting player can now have only 1 account. Neutrals are disabled. 

This decision is not final and we might add the option to add additional players within the same nation.

Patch 9.6

Forum Post

What's new:

  • You can destroy your Yacht now if it is in the enemy port. Many people could not redeem the ship because the port with the yacht was captured. Now if it is stuck - destroy it and redeem a new one.
  • Player cannot attack now when he has an invulnerability timer. It was allowing some surprise attacks after exiting ports. (invul and invis timers will be reworked after release)
  • You no longer can attack players of the nation in the vicinity of their capital. The "protected by Capital" area is reduced 2x times. 
  • Due to popular demand fleets were disabled for advanced ranks. You can only use fleets during first 3 ranks. Max AI fleet ship level is cutter. If you feel this is wrong please be more vocal on the forums to protect features you love. 
  • Missions enemy strength somewhat decreased. You will still get some hard missions but less often. If you get a hard mission bring friends or cancel and take it in another port according to your rank.
  • Reminder: Missions force you to upgrade your ship. If you are trying to to lieutenant missions in a yacht you will suffer.

Fixed bugs:

  • Bug with lack of durability loss when client crashed was fixed. It allowed people to keep durability if they alt f4ed in battle in several rare cases.


  • Carronades max possible operational distance increased to 500 meters from 250
  • Martello towers armor class increased
  • Bot composition tuned (pavels can be only sailed by players) Max bot ship is 74-3rd rate
  • Durability numbers changed - 1st rank 1, 2nd rank 2, 3rd rank 3.
  • BR Rebalanced (lineships BR increased) to provide better balancing in events and misisons
  • AI Accuracy bugs fixed
  • Fort behaviour and shooting bugs fixed

Patch 9.5

Forum Post

What's new:

  • You can now pull your group members to admiralty order events if you are not the group leader
  • Reply functionality added to chat (UI is not final) (actually this did not get in. )

Fixed bugs:

  • Fixed bug when if you captured lynx or cutters you received basic lynx or basic cutter
  • Fixed more bugs not letting you pull your group members into group battles.
  • Fixed bugs that did not let you receive the redeemable yacht
  • Fixed bug that sometimes generated more NPC bots when entering the battle
  • Fixed bug with the port assault flag time slot - time slot was inclusive/not exclusive before (it allowed next hour as well)
  • Fixed the bug with no damage in large battles


  • Gold/Compass wood production increased
  • Reload is now penalized more if you lose a lot of crew
  • Upgrade drop in combat tuned
  • Mast strength tuned to approximately these numbers 7 shots for lower mast section, 5 shots mid mast section, 2 shots upper mast section (taking into account the damage from the max gun possible for that ship)
  • Reduced speed penalty during constant turning to bring out the ship differences more
  • Large battle start every hour now
  • Reload upgrades nerfed
  • Leaks appeared too often in high level ships - fixed
  • Speed of large leaks repairs increased - was too slow
  • Bots lost carronades temporarily (to help them with shooting)

Patch 9.4

Forum Post

Key changes

Double shot disabled for rework

  • Double shot was to overpowered in some cases and was not a tactical choice. It is disabled for rework and rebalance. Cannon/carronade damage increased 15% to balance the lengths  of battles.

New player experience

  • Player creation screen reworked a bit to be more clear and easy to understand
  • Opening outpost texts are now more easy to understand (no more “buy slot” or “open here” confusion)
  • Group entry into admiralty orders is less confusing now and should generally work better (but expect bugs)
  • “Events” tab was renamed “missions” – as new players did not understand you can get orders there.
  • NPCs generation in orders rebalanced – you will not face impossible odds again. It will be sometimes hard, sometimes easy but but not as hard as before.
  • Small events will provide bots if you are alone in the balancing screen
  • Small events will stay open for entry longer allowing more players in (they were starting too fast)

Changes to Yacht and basic ship

  • The basic starting ship is a cutter now.
  • Yacht has moved to a redeemable that will be available only to those who are buying the game before the release.
  • The redeemable will work this way.
    • You can redeem and receive a free yacht every 2 days if you don't have it in docks anywhere.
    • If you have it in docks somewhere you cannot use the redeemable
    • It is a good blue yacht with both permanent and upgrade slots

Port battles stabilization

  • Global fast travel cooldowns – Fast travel (teleport) now has a universal cooldown. You can teleport between outposts without the ship or to capital from open sea once in 8 hours. We already think it is too long and will provide a shorter cool down tomorrow during maintenance. 
  • Attack time windows: Person who created an assault flag and who led the port battle to victory can set up a timer for defense for all future port battles.
    • This time can be set up in the conquest tab if he is in that port.
    • After this time is set flag can only be created during that time window.
    • To capture the port back you have to attack the port at the time determined by the defenders and then switch it back to the time comfortable to your nation.
  • Port battle entry timer is 40 mins now (up from 20)
  • Reinforcements can only be provided by national ports of your nation

Deliveries reworked.

  • Weight limit implemented
  • Time of delivery will depend on distance (min 2 hrs)
  • Price for delivery will depend on distance as well

Gameplay Tuning:

  • Boarding now can be started at 0 preparation (of course you should only start boarding at 0 preparation if you are sinking as a last ditch attempt to win the battle or if you have overwhelming advantage). 
  • Ricochet angles lowered a bit.
  • Battle rating rebalanced for multiple vessels (to provide better distribution of npcs in admiralty orders)
  • Grog rations buffed
  • High level bots should fight better in boarding now (its an experimental change: might make them too hard)
  • Certain AI problems fixed.

Fixed bugs:

Multiple bugs fixed.

Patch 9.3

Forum Post

What's new:

Assists are added - if you do enough damage you will receive assist xp for the kill

NPC Deliveries added - Ports now can arrange shipments for bought resources for you.

You can now invite your group members to admiralty order missions - if group members are at a short distance from the instance marker you can pull them into the instance by pressing a separate group entry button

Contested ports no longer sell assault flags

Assault flag prices are increased back to pre-patch level.

Fixed bugs:

Several contract bugs are fixed (e.g gold contracts not fulfilled)

Bug with port battles newsfeed is fixed (too many indicators for the same event)

Several camera problems fixed on the Cutter, Buoyancy bugs are also fixed for the cutter. it will be more comfortable to sail now. 

Several visual bugs are fixed for Mercury and Belle Poule

Cannon reload bugs fixed (sometimes reload froze for no reason)

Double shot visual asynchronization in rare cases fixed

Multiple other fixes.


Durability of frigates dropped from 5 to 3

Durability of 4th rates (including constitution) is dropped to 2

Durability of all ships of the line is dropped to 1

Close hauled and beam speeds is improved for frigates (thanks to barberouge, maturin and jodgi research)

Sail transparency can be enabled in OW now

Cerberus speed is increased by 0.8

Bots no longer attack you at open sea

Ports that consume the resources pay a little bit more for those resources to make trade more profitable

Patch 9.2

Forum Post

What's new:

  • Complete overhaul of all ship planking based on their historical sizes (will post more into in the relevant topic in the combat section).
  • Complete rebalance of guns for all ships - 99% of vessels received historical gun load outs.
  • Complete rebalance of gun damage based on research and community feedback
  • Rebalance of Crew focuses - no more strange turning penalties if you have full crew as you only need several men to turn the rudder
  • Rewards added if you won the port battle
  • Information on 10 last port battles and 10 active flags is added to the map.
  • Resource purchases is brought back to certain ports - to provide more opportunities to trade
  • All light ships (except traders) now can participate in port battles for shallow water ports (before only brigs and above could do it)
  • You can leave your NPC ships in port now if you don't need them today - no more losing money on their dismissal
  • Bots have learnt to use combat upgrades (not only boarding upgrades as before)
  • Martello Towers now can fire during boarding (as the melee fight is happening on land and stairs)
  • Basic stern lights added for testing
  • BR Difference is switched off when attacking at sea - to improve group gameplay. There will be no more unnecessary group splitting if you want to sail with your friends. (5x anti grief mechanic remains)
  • Nation winning the port battle can enter the contested ports
  • Rebalance of admiralty orders locations was implemented 
  • Teleport from outpost to outpost without the ship have been added. Assume you are traveling on a balloon or a passenger ship. 
  • Weather engine changes - more variety and sun added

Fixed bugs:

  • Finally fixed bug that allowed faster reload with low crew.
  • Fixed some minor contract bugs


  • USA bots have been added - for some reason USA had 0 NPCs
  • Battle times have increased to 90 minutes
  • Battle zone (circle of death) reduction speed decreased more (2x)  
  • Cooldown on assault flag creation increased from 3 to 5 hours
  • Chainshot damage increased 50% (-25% less than before the 100% nerf)
  • Medium and long guns damage falloff distance increased (from 1km to 1.5km)
  • Cannon destruction chance increased from 30% to 40% at 0 armor
  • Bonuses of Extra planking, Extra pump, Steel toolbox reduced 50%
  • Penetrating leaks creation chance increased  
  • Grape ricochet angle decreased (grape will still always ricochet at narrow angles, despite the armor state)
  • Santisima lost 1 knot of speed
  • St Pavel and Victory lost 0.5 knots of speed
  • Port battle warm up time decreased to 5 minutes - (10 was too long) the other timer have been increased by 5 mins.

Patch 9.1

Forum Post

  1. Until port battles reward are in Assault flags prices have been reduced 5x times
  2. Leaks tuned to be more reasonable - no more instant sinking
  3. Critical bug with money disappearance after sale of ships if you are offline is fixed. Thanks to all captains who helped to find the problem.

Patch 9.0

Forum Post

What's important:

  • Glorious game breaking bugs have most likely been added
  • Port battles added (Capitals, Regional Capitals and Free Towns are uncapturable - see the list)
  • Admiralty orders added to events: as a foundation for the admiralty store and fame points (or admiralty points)
  • Honor kill requirements are temporarily disabled due to popular demand. They will come back stronger and improved taking into account your feedback.
  • Open map events foundations added: Sail around and sometimes you will find an even just for you. System is rudimentary and will act as a basis for future development of variability and epic battles on the OW.
  • Bots ship variety returned
  • Teleport now works only to Capitals
  • Pre-Port battle anti griefing mechanics introduced. You cannot attack vessels or groups that have BR 5x higher than yours. If you are attacking a group of ship stationed together their combined BR is taken into account. Frigate supposedly wont attack 5 santisimas sailing close to each other.


  1. Map tech improved a bit
  2. Fleets no longer fire at their masters
  3. Repair crit (5 3 combination) now repairs all critical damage
  4. Speeds overhaul for all vessels
  5. Speeds for OW tuned to be more comfortable while still being realistic
  6. Battle circle of death radius increased 2X in events
  7. Battle cicrle of death reduction speed increased 3x
  8. Max crew for Jr Leutenant and alternatives was increased to allow sailing the HMS Ontario(Snow) 
  9. Group icons have changed
  10. Minor UI changes in Ports to allow for new features
  11. Ship BR adjusted across all vessels
  12. More traders with escorts have been added
  13. Kill XP bugs fixed (no more 2x XP for PVE and 1.5X for PVP)
  14. Repair crits cooldown have been reduced to 7.5 mins
  15. Bot behavior somewhat improved
  16. Large NPC Fleets are back
  17. Regular battles close after 5 mins now
  18. Port battle entry close after 20 mins (10 red timer time 10 reinforcement time)
  19. BR of reinforcements will not change the BR of battle and will not allow entry of additional enemies any more
  20. NPC military ships and convoys will attack each other more than before (more than never)

Patch 8.1

Gameplay changes

  • Battle dynamics have returned to pre-patch level. Speeds have been adjusted numerically to stay historically correct. For some it might still feel slower than usual due to placebo effect (you see 13,5 where you saw 17 before) and because of waves.
  • Battle rating honor kill requirement adjusted by approximately 70% for testing. You will get honor kills if you sink a ship 70% below your rating, for example Santisima will receive honor kills from most heavy frigates
  • Chain damage have been decreased 50%
  • Bot bonuses for boarding combat tweaked according to their level
  • Repairs numbers are: 1 for hull 1 for sails.
  • Minor tweaks in BR for light vessels have been done
  • Bots no longer sail Lynxes (except for trader ships)
  • NPC Traders quantity have been decreased and replaced by military vessels
  • Traders now drop more goods
  • Port Aves changed Nationality to pirate
  • Stores populated by better variety of vessels by NPC crafters


  • Mistakes in accuracy ratings for several types of guns fixed. Guns are now consistently more accurate compared to carronades
  • Repair cost for fleets have been fixed
  • Fleet durability loss fixed. Previously bot durability was lost even if you won the battle
  • Camera fixes on several ships
  • Game login/exit messages for clan chat have been disabled.

Patch 8.0

Forum Post


  • New exciting bugs and problems
  • Clans are connected now – you can create guilds
  • Bot routes and placement have changed significantly
    • Traders with or now escorts now sail everywhere along the coast
    • All other bots are generally sailing around historical capitals, regional bot centers and free towns (List here).
  • Bots no longer sail through land (may sometimes still walk on land)
  • Bot OW curves fixed (they were inverted)
  • Bots combat capabilities were improved again (hopefully)
  • National ranks introduced (not sure about it but lets try - List here).
  • Promotion requirements changed and now require honor kills (NPC or Players)
    • Honor kill – confirmed kill of the enemy vessel of the same battle rating or higher
  • Ship stats in the main lobby should show properly now.
  • Open world now uses the same wind curves as instances
  • Free towns are added
    • Free towns are cities that allow all nations including pirates
  • Large and small instance wind formula changed
  • Balancer now tries to get everyone into battle (but still does not split nations into two groups)
  • Reinforcement now only sends you vessels available to bots
    • You can command the reinforcements now and give them orders and targets. The person who called the reinforcement receives the right to give commands
  • To test AI commands and general performance light fleets for players are back
    • Players can hire light vessels up to snow
    • Hired fleet can be lost and if you are running you have to give command to escape (of course this does not guarantee they will). Hired fleets have 5 durabilities and will always sail with the player. (ability to leave them in port will be added later in the future)

Trading and crafting

  • 3 Player accounts are back – but new players are created without cash and ships
  • Players can trade with each other now if they are in the same port – new channel created for that – port only trading channel
  • A lot of contract and trading related bugs are fixed
  • Players can now specify which kind of inherent characteristics are created when crafting
  • You can increase your warehouse now
  • You can sort items in your warehouse now
  • Outpost prices have changed
  • Stores now don't have ships and upgrades from blue to higher
  • Ship break up chance now depends on number of durabilities.
  • Danish bear and American cotton can now be used for trading as well (previously they were not consumed by other random towns)


  • Shock states have been added
    • Yard shock – you cannot raise sails and turn yards for 30 seconds
    • Crew shock – you cannot do anything with the crew for 30 seconds
    • Reload shock – your reload is stopped for 30 seconds
    • To inflict shock state you have to inflict heavy damage to hull or sails or crew over a short period of time. This feature is extremely useful for organized coordinated groups who now will be able to fight against much larger groups of enemies successfully.
  • Fire now stops your crew from doing things if it gets to certain size, this will either make your ship uncontrollable or will force you to switch to survival.
  • Hitting the sail no longer makes the ball disappear. If it does not hit rigging or masts it will continue flying and damaging subsequent sails even on other ships. 
  • Repairs are back
    • 2 Hull repairs of 10% each allowing the players to get out of structural leaks – 10 min cooldown
    • 3 Sail repairs of 30% each allowing players to repair sails- 10 min cooldown
  • Medium speed ship turning was improved a bit for all vessels
  • Turning power from yards have been increased for all vessels by 5-10% depending on the ship
  • Boarding rebalanced and somewhat improved
    • Boarding crew focus now sends a lot of men to top decks making them vulnerable to grape fire
    • Defending is much easier now during boarding
    • Reload commands can now be given during boarding
    • Crew focuses can now be switched during boarding
    • Cost of switch increased.
  • Upgrades are rebalanced (mostly boarding and speed related)
  • Max crew parameters have been changed for some vessels
  • Lynx and Privateer are now specialized boarding vessels and received a minor speed buff and boarding buffs
  • Grape will now ricochet a lot more if shot at extreme angles
  • Medium guns damage was increased by 10%


  • Multiple bug and tech fixes
  • New x64 infrastructure and client
  • New net code library improvements
  • Minor graphical update

Patch 7

Forum Post

New features

  • Crafting and trading improvements: for more information refer to the crafting topic
  • Player contracts: players now can place buy/sell contracts for resources in ports (5 contracts max). Haulers selling resources will sell to the contracts with the max price. Players buying resources will buy from contracts with the lowest price. 
  • Reinforcements and national waters protection: for more information refer to the reinforcement topic:
  • Events: 2 types of events added to the event list - large battles (every 3 hours and small battles. Events are balanced by nations and groups (opposing sides will have red and blue flags). Groups will enter the battles on one side. Large battles start with 36 players. Small battles start with 4. Ships can be lost or captured in the events. In the future event functionality will be expanded. 

Combat changes

  • All combat changes from the patch #6.9
  • Gun loss now depends on frame state - you will lose guns a lot less with intact planking
  • Fire chances now depend on frame state - fires will start a lot more with destroyed planking
  • Stern damage should be a bit more dangerous

Content tuning

  • Upgrades are now split into 2 groups
    • Upgrades - can be installed and taken off the ship
    • Permanent upgrades - can only be installed once, and are destroyed if you take them off the ship  
  • Map has been added to the game. Visuals are temporary, final map will be based on the beautiful maps created by the community, depending on the final UI art style.
  • Starting ship is now Yacht
  • Resources now can drop from traders
  • Weight system added
  • New ship characteristics added
  • Port production and consumption reworked
  • Useless modules reworked or dropped
  • Battle rating system rebalanced

Bug fixing

Multiple other fixes in terms of tech stability including sound improvements.

And of course: lots of new bugs and problems were introduced.

Goals for testing

  • Crafting
  • Events and balancer testing
  • Changes to repairs
  • AI behaviour 

Patch 5

  • Boarding is switched off until next patch.
  • New bugs added.. Some sounds not working properly due to increased number of tracking shots by NPCs. Multiple other bugs introduced
  • New ship added - Saint Paul - please provide feedback on vessels in respective topics
  • 2 New trader vessels added. Traders Lynx и Traders Cutter (new food for new players)
  • Grape reworked to work finally 
  • Mass now has influence on collisions
  • Bowsprit should not break so often for taller ships when hitting small vessels.
  • Important: Repairs reworked and are persistent with Open world
    • Repair kits should be bought in the port or found in loot. Repair kit repairs 40% of everything (crew, sails, hull)
    • Repair skill has 10 min cool down and uses the repair materials bought in port. If you are out of materials you won't be able to repair
    • Internal part repairs don't require consumables and are also on the cool down.
  • Cannon upgrade slots now better understand differences between carronades and cannons. Some unhistorical fit outs were eliminated as a result (full carronade first rates)
  • Tow request (teleport) can be done to any outpost you have. You can select the outpost for towing in the outpost menu. 
  • Income and XP breakdown is added to battle result screen
  • Auto-Hail on click is implemented
  • All items in hold are lost if you sink
  • If you board the enemy vessel you will receive 50% of the enemy hold (if he carries gold, and ship report letter random loot fairy determines what you will get)
  • Surrender does not destroy durability of the vessel the vessel appears in port with 0 hp requiring full repairs
  • Port started to consume resources
  • You cannot buy a vessel in a port that does not have an outpost IF you already have a ship there. You first have to sell a ship then you will be able to buy a new one. 
  • Pirates can now join both sides of the pirate vs pirate battles. Yarr
  • National resources added.
  • Color blind options tuned - aiming line changes color from red to white in the color blind mode 

Fixed bugs:

  • Ramming BellePoule does not kill crew any more
  • Yard turning rate now is affected by crew size on the frigate
  • Fire can now spread to all vessels if you are nearby
  • Items are no longer lost if you move from one ship and back and back in the battle result screen
  • Grape and chain no longer can cause leaks in rare cases


  • Time which you can place the ship for sale is increased to 10 days.
  • Teleport is now 120 seconds
  • NPC spawn faster after death on OW
  • Information on the vessel is increased in the tooltips
  • Bot distribution changed - you can finally hunt in the bahamas
  • Minor Store interface changes
  • AI somewhat changed and maybe improved
  • You can now haul more goods (stack increased 2x)
  • Brig battle rating increased
  • Penetrated shot damage decreased for the opposite broadside
  • Loot chances lowered for low quality items
  • Yacht crew increased to 40
  • 1st rates turning slightly increased
  • Double shot extra damage nerfed by half
  • Double shot reload increased by 10%

Patch 4

Forum Post

  • Added two new ships - Pickle, BellePoule
  • Сhanged visuals of ports
  • Сhanged visuals of land
  • New shop selling modules, guns, resources
  • New ship shop/auction. Ships can be put on sale by player
  • Added fire zone for single shots
  • Added the ability to lock the fire zone at different distances
  • Added tactical tablet to control fleet bots. Called by pressing M. Now bots can give certain orders in an instance
  • Reworked system DPS Grape. Now Grape penetration increases, if decreases the armor of the ship

Patch 3

Forum Post


  • Bots will now only enter battles when their nation is involved
  • Bot entry timer is 15 mins (it is 10 for players)
  • Bots will now only enter battles when one of the sides is at a disadvantage
  • Bots will stop entering when Battle rating is equal 

Combat & Sailing

  • Grape should not not penetrate armor on all gun calibers now. You will get better results shooting at stern balconies, ports and windows.
  • Ships top speeds were lowered for the following vessels
    • Trincomalee frigate
    • Renommee frigate
  • Speed tunings are not final and will continue to be changing based on battle data and player feedback.


  • AI is somewhat improved
  • NPC will prioritize players if they are close
  • NPC will try to focus on 1 target
  • NPC will switch to double shot if you are close
  • Bugs with NPC firing sectors are fixed
  • NPCs will use realistic dispersion
  • NPCs will not be as awesome when tacking


  • If you lose a ship it means you lost the durability - ship should not be repaired, it's brand new - just lost 1 durability
  • Rewards are significantly increased
  • Money rewards for PVP are doubled
  • Several bugs with XP calculations are fixed

Patch 2

Forum Post


  • Caribbean central bank has conducted a global denomination by 10x for all prices and cash reserves.
  • Ship prices adjusted to be more historical
  • Ship prices when selling now take durability count into account
  • You can now start a chat and invite to group right from the OW (without tedious searching etc)
  • Group indicators added giving better visibility for group members
  • Teleport now only works from stationary ship
  • Exit mechanics have changed

ROE changes

  • Battles will close 10 mins after start. Only bots will be able to enter the battle (if they are in the vicinity). It will affect potential ship captures. If you want to capture the ship avoid populated enemy areas.
  • You can enter any battle to support lower battle rating side
  • Open world attack timer is now 20 seconds instead of 10
  • Open world attack circle is smaller for bots now
  • Bots will now enter battles with large battle rating difference
  • NPC patrols fleets introduced near spawn ports

NPC changes

  • Fleets added. You can now recruit a fleet to sail with you.
  • Better dispersion of shot for NPCs
  • Less collisions for NPCs
  • Several bugs are caused by target selection expect some bots to become more dumb. Will be fixed next patch.

Combat and travel

  • Ship survivability increased (approximately doubled) as a test
  • Grape shot does not penetrate planking any more (bug)
  • Raking fire should be more effective
  • Destroyed cannons no longer block shots
  • Ballistics fine tuned
  • Depower sails (T) introduced. It takes down jibs and staysails. Pressing it again brings them back up (bugs may still happen)
  • Undocumented features (like lock sector) don't work yet.