Are There Characters and can I walk around in port?

Currently no and it is not in the works.

Is there a day night cycle available and is it accurate to real time?

Yes however it is not accurate to real time, it is sped up.

Can my PC run Naval Action?

Check out the system requirements

Will there be more Wipes?

After early access, there are no more planned full wipes(might still happen), asset wipes might also happen(you lose your stuff but not experience).

How many servers are there?

Currently there are 4 servers, PVE USA, PVP1(eu) and PVP2(US), PVP3(EU) mirror

Which Server should i join?

To avoid wait times at peak times, PVP2 or PVP3 is recommended for PVP players, if you want to avoid PVP, PVE is a good server.

How many characters can I have?

Currently only 1 in total, the character is shared across all the servers, thus no matter the server the exp you gain will be gained across all servers, the stuff you have on the character(ships, gold etc.) are not shared across the servers however.

How do I gain experience?

You gain experience through fighting and shooting enemy ships.

How do I gain gold?

You can get gold through fighting enemy ships, completing missions, or trading. One can also "gift" you gold, something that people may do for your crafting low level items for them with your crafting hours.

Which Nation should I join?

From left to right, the most populous nations are Britain, Pirates and US, the other nations relatively speaking are quite small. Though choosing a nation is greatly dependent on personal values. If you are looking for more PVP-targets, joining a small nation can be thought as a benefit because larger percentage of ships sailing around will be enemies. Though playing in a smaller nation means less ports controlled which can lead to harder trading and higher prices. Please note that once you choose a Nation, you cannot change it afterwards without deleting your character. The most important thing when choosing a nation is not that you choose that you sail for Britain, or France or whatever, it is that you are joining a community, so try to find which community fits you, and if you find a nations community doesn't fit you, the best thing to do is change nation.

How can i get more crew?

You can get more crew either through the use of extra hammocks and crew space on your ship, you also gain more crew by leveling up however do note that ships have a max amount of people that they can carry so past that point ranking up doesn't help.