General Description

The Brig is the first square rigged ship in the game. She is armed with 16 guns along the sides, plus 2 stern-chasers. The Brig is based upon the real life Fair American.


The Brig can carry either 6lb cannons or 18lb carronades.

Deck Cannon Count Cannon Size Carronade Size
Weather Deck 16 6pd 18pd
Stern Chasers 2 6pd 18pd


Being the first square rigged ship, she is the first ship which has excellent sailing quality when running with the wind. She is also quite maneuverable. However, due to her rigging, tacking is a lot slower than the previous fore and aft rigged ships.


Here is the Sailing Profile of the Brig. The Brig is a strong sailer downwind, but a truly sluggish one upwind. In many respects she resembles the later heavier square-rigged vessels, and for this reason represents a learning opportunity for fresh Captains to acquaint themselves with manual sailing and the behaviour of square-rigged vessels.

How to get Crafting recipe

The brig is a default crafting recipe which you get at level 8

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